Use Mac data recovery software when Mac Disk utility fails to recover lost files

Are you troubling with the problem of data loss in your Mac system? Is your Mac OS X hard disk damaged? Does your important Mac files been lost or deleted? Does the requirement arise for formatting or repartitioning the hard disk? If yes then, the in-built utility of Mac OS X can help you. Disk utility is a powerful application included with Mac OS X which efficiently handles every hard drive related issues to which a user encounter with in Mac OS. It enables users to add/change partition table, mount/unmount hard disk, create disk image, enable/disable journaling, check integrity and repair damaged or corrupted disk. Disk Utility repairs option help users to fix any hard drive related issues and prevent data loss situations.


In the earlier versions of Mac OS X, Disk Utility wasn't available for verifying file structure of the boot drive and repair directory structure of active startup disk. Though in Mac OS X 10.4.3 and its later versions it has been made available. In Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, this inbuilt tool can even use for live partitioning of hard drive. In this process, you can create, resize, and delete hard drive partitions without erasing them. However in some cases this tool fails to repair the disk and instead of that displays various error messages. This leads to bring you in a situation where you will lose all your stored data in your Mac OS X. Don't worry as the solution is available to over come this problem. With the help of any third party Mac data recovery software you can easily fix all your Mac hard drive issues and recover Mac file.




The software features includes :-

  • Recovers all deleted mac files

  • Recover data from improperly burnt optical media

  • Recovers deleted volume

  • Recover deleted or formatted photos from any internal or external Mac hard drive

  • Recovers deleted music, videos, photos etc from Mac supported storage media

  • Software performs selective recovery

  • Preview option is available during scanning process

  • Comes with simple and interactive GUI


So no matter how you lost or deleted your data from Mac system, it is easy to recover them with the help of Mac deleted file recovery software. The software is easy to navigate and undelete Mac data in just few clicks. It is very simple to use for all users and works on damaged files to recover Mac data from mechanically unsounded disks or corrupted or damaged Mac devices.


Before you go for the full version of the software, try its risk free trial version to see the possibility of recovery chances of your lost files. And once you evaluate the software features and satisfied yourself buy the complete version of the software from the reliable site.



User Guide :-


Launch the software



Select volume for recovery of deleted data



Select file type



Run the software to start scanning process



After scanning will be completed you will see a list of all your recovered files. Now store the file you that you want at any specified location




You can also watch videos of Mac data recovery software here :